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Anguilla Development Board has been offering development financing and technical assistance in its community since 1979. We have a holistic approach to funding the various productive sectors of Anguilla for their development.

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We understand that for the growth and development of the agricultural sector, the need for finance arises. Our objective is to help the farmers of Anguilla in producing the best possible food and agricultural products with easy payable agriculture finance.

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We offers funds with low-interest rates to promote the development of resident fisheries, and persistent maintenance of commercial fishing banks and equipment for the purpose of refining the quality of Anguilla’s seafood products.

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Manage your tourism business with the right financing solutions. Our funding programs provide flexible financing and technical assistance to the tourist industry of Anguilla since tourism helps for the economic expansion of the country.

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Financing For Housing and Education

Do you need financing for personal reasons? Whether it is financing for building your new home or your child’s further studies, we can finance your goals and dreams at a low-interest rate and with simple and straightforward money repayment options.

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Address: Canon Ball Office Complex Airport Road Box 285

Tel: (264) 497-2595


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Stimulating and Facilitating Sustainable National Development

The Anguilla Development Board (ADB) is a statutory organisation, established under the Anguilla Development Board Ordinance (1978). The legislation was passed in the House of Assembly with Sir Emile Gumbs as the Chief Minister. Actual operations commenced in August 1979, under the Chairmanship of Mr Franklin Connor. Other founding directors of ADB were Mr Eric Reid (Deputy Chairperson), Mrs Daisy Richardson, Mr Ambrose Richardson, Mr Lindsay Richardson and the late Mr James Beard.

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